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Month: August 2008

Tropical Destruction 2: Electric Boogaloo

As we all know, Hurricane Gustav is headed toward Louisiana, and likely New Orleans, and could hit land in just a few hours.  The huge mass of tropical cyclone reminds many in the area of the terror they faced just three years ago with Hurricane Katrina.  As with what we saw then, the mayor, governor… Read More ›

Which All-Star Cast Would You Like To See?

There are a lot of movies that are made every year.  Once you add in all of the actors and actresses that are in those movies, that list can be quite long.  But for the sake of this post, I only want to look at a list of just a few of those actors, actually two different… Read More ›

Can McCain Steal Obama’s Thunder?

BREAKING: MCCAIN SELECTS SARAH PALIN FOR VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE  On the historic night when Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president, he gave a speech that has been called historic, meaningful, powerful, tough, and effective.  Some even believed that this could be a turning point.  The four-day long Democratic National Convention, where we… Read More ›

A Historic Night For America

Well, let’s give it up to Hillary Clinton.  She sure didn’t waste any time earlier on Wednesday when it came to the formal procedure of the roll call vote for the Democratic Party to nominate their candidate for president.  Of course we know and we’ve been hearing for months that the delegates go through the… Read More ›

More Twists in Missing Caylee Case

BREAKING: DETECTIVES CONFIRM BODY WAS IN THE TRUCK     An Orange County Sheriffs Deputy connected to the case of missing Caylee Anthony, was fired yesterday because he lied to investigators in regards to his relationship with Casey Anthony.  Casey Anthony, the mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, is being investigated for the disappearance of… Read More ›


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