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Month: September 2008

Bargain Shopping As Dow Bounces Back

The year 2008’s very own version of Black Monday where the Dow Jones average made a drop larger than it has ever seen, actually gave us a Black Tuesday of a sense.  I’m not talking about “black” in the sense that things are bad, nor am I talking about black to relate to crash of stock values.  I… Read More ›

Dow Takes Historic Drop

After all of the worry, campaign suspending, president’s begging, Wall Street’s wanting, and Paulson’s pushing congress still wasn’t able to pass the bill of our government giving a $700 billion package to bailout Wall Street and help with the financial crisis.  And with a domino-effect like response, stocks took a major dive and the Dow Jones… Read More ›

TV Milestone, American Milestone

The animated television show, The Simpson’s aired it’s season premiere Sunday.   And to go along with the dozens of awards the show has won, as of Sunday night it is tied with 20 for the most seasons in prime-time television.  The show has already achieved other accomplishments of being the longest-running American sitcom and the longest-running American animated… Read More ›

Cool Luke Was A Hustler On A Tin Roof – RIP

Paul Newman, the star, director or producer of several dozen films, has passed away Friday evening from complications due to cancer.  The actor was 83-years-old.  An auto-racing enthusiast, Paul Newman was the star of several Academy Award winning feature films.  Some of his best work include Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, Hud,… Read More ›

Debate: Round One

Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama squared off this evening on their first presidential debate in Oxford, Mississippi.  John McCain announced earlier Friday that although he suspended his campaign to help work on our nation’s financial crisis, he will be appearing at the debate at Ole Miss University.  All of the politics, attack ads,… Read More ›


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