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Month: October 2008

Not The Halloween I’m Used To

It has to be the second most celebrated day by children next to Christmas.  Every year on October 31, millions of children around the country and the world go out at night to various houses dressed as ghost, goblins, ghouls, or anything that would get a rise out of people.  Their goal, to obtain candy… Read More ›

Phillies Win The World Series

The Phillies are World Series champions again, for the first time since 1980.  They were able to pull out a 4-3 victory of the Tampa Bay Rays in game five.  The Rays played a terrific season, but did could not manage to go further against the Phillies in the seven game series.  This is the… Read More ›

The 600 Million Dollar Man

Barack Obama has indeed broke new ground when it comes to political campaigning.  When it comes to campaign financing, Sen. Barack Obama has far exceeded his opponent Sen. John McCain.  Since the beginning of September, Barack Obama has raised $186 million to bring his total to over $600 million.  Some, including John McCain are saying… Read More ›

Did She Cross The Line?

It’s been called unprofessional, biased, partisan, embarrassing, and a host of other comments, but no other interview in Barbara West’s over 20 years as a journalist garnered so much attention than her interview with vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden.  Of course being in a presidential campaign, many interviews would get their due amount of attention. … Read More ›

The President That Never Was

Which fictional president from your favorite movie or television show would you vote for?  We’re about a week left until the nation chooses either a African-American as president or a female as vice-president for the first time in history.  That’s something we’re actually accustomed to seeing on screen.  So in honor of our historic moment,… Read More ›


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