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Month: November 2008

The Secret War In South Asia

Its the war that’s not highly publicized as the global war on terror, but its a war none-the-less that can have global implications.  But with the most current battle, or as we see it as a terrorist attack in Mumbai, tensions between India and Pakistan are at yet another high between the two nations, and… Read More ›

Can Black Friday End Recession?

Well, in what is certainly a positive sign, can we take it as a sign of change in things to come?  Well early estimates released Saturday say that Black Friday sales are up just slightly more than what they were last year.  That is good, primarily since last year to this year, the nation has… Read More ›

Employee Trampled In Black Friday Madness

Black Friday is the day that anyone can celebrate, for many reasons.  Well for one its the day after Thanksgiving, and probably because of which, its a federally recognized holiday in its own right.  But its the day known for drawing millions and millions of people to malls, retail stores, department stores, etc all for… Read More ›

Major Havoc Erupts In India

The city of Mumbai on the western coast of India has been under siege over the past couple of days.  New reports have a death toll of at least 119 people over the past couple of days, and another 288 people have been injured.  It started Wednesday night when about two dozen armed men came into the… Read More ›

Smooth Sailing..Or Smooth Flying, Driving, Etc…

Many Americans are weathering the storm of the busiest travel day of the year pretty nicely this year.  Unlike many other holiday’s, Thanksgiving has the distinction of being on the same day of the week every year.  So because you don’t have to worry about it it’s going to be on a weekend or weekday,… Read More ›


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