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Month: December 2008

Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 5-2

Not for nothin’, but here it is, the top five stories of the year.  And what a year it was.  We will be embarking on a new year and 2008 will be in the history books.  It’s hard to imagine how the next year could be better than the last, but something will happen and there’ll… Read More ›

Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 10-6

 Not for nothin’ but the next stories have the ability to be among the most memorable news stories for the next decade. Not For Nothin’ Top 25 Stories of the Year:  10-6 #10 – Polygamist Ranch Bust – In one of the most talked about stories of the year was when at least 130 women and… Read More ›

Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 15-11

Not for nothin’, but this year (in review) is just getting started.  The best stories have yet to come.  Next topic! Not For Nothin’ Top 25 Stories of the Year:  15-11 #15 – Governor Eliot Spitzer Scandal – The first governor’s scandal of the year came to us from New York.  The mysterious “Client-9” of… Read More ›

Not For Nothin’ Top 25: 20-16

Not for nothin’, but we’re just at the tip of the iceberg for this year.  Let’s move on to what else moved and shook us this year.  Not For Nothin’ Top 25 Stories of the Year:  (20-16) #20 – Chinese Earthquake– Just days after one part of Asia was struck with massive deaths of a… Read More ›

Not For Nothin’ Top 25

Not for nothin’, but it’s been an incredible year for events, news, and information.  It’s always nice to look back and reflect at the best and worst of the year.  There’s been a lot of good and a lot of bad.  So not to waste too much more time, let’s get to it. Not For… Read More ›


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