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Month: January 2009

Manic Monday For 40,000 People

At this hour about 40,000 Americans have joined millions more in a job search as several U. S. companies have announced thousands of job cuts totally up to 40,000 altogether.  These latest round of layoffs are being attributed to the same thing that has cut jobs previously, and that’s the recession.  Four of the largest… Read More ›

Mayor With A Case Of The Blagojevichs

The mayor of Portland, Oregon refuses to resign after several calls for him to do so after the state’s attorney generals office have begun an investigation into a sexual affair he took part in.  Mayor Sam Adams admitted he lied and asked a teenage boy to lie about their sexual relationship.  Adams, who was recently elected mayor, publicly… Read More ›

Limbaugh – Obama, Round One

It hasn’t even been a full week into Barack Obama’s presidency and we find that he and political commentator and talk show host Rush Limbaugh are apparently taking verbal jabs at one another.  In a rant on his radio show Limbaugh, who is known for his conservative rhetoric and defensive stance on the Bush administration, said… Read More ›

Somebody Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves, But Who?

High school athletics is a part of many secondary learning institutions around the United States.  In addition to being a test of skill and competition, it allows students to learn things that may not be exclusive to the classroom environment, such as physical skills and teamwork.  In one girls’ high school basketball game in Dallas, Texas… Read More ›

The Hype On Heath

On the day of January 22, 2008 actor Heath Ledger passed away.  On the day of January 22, 2009 one of his final performances earned him an Academy Award nomination.  Last year when Heath Ledger passed away, the world of entertainment was rocked to its core.  Someone so young and talented had left us.  So… Read More ›


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