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Month: June 2009

The Day The (Pop) Music Died

In the late afternoon hours , several media outlets began to confirm that pop music icon Michael Jackson has passed away.  In the early afternoon paramedics responded to his residence in Los Angeles and found him not breathing in cardiac arrest.  He was rushed to the hospital where he would later be pronounced dead.  Michael… Read More ›

Oh Maria, Maria…

Or should we say, “Oh Mark, Mark…”  South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford finally came clean about his behavior over the past week.  The Governor apparently went missing for a number of days, to the point that no one knew his whereabouts.  His office would finally find some excuse, of him being on hiking excursion on the Appalachian… Read More ›

Caylee Autopsy Answers Some Questions, Leaves Others

Two significant releases in the case of slain toddler Caylee Altnthony came out Friday.  The Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office released the official autopsy report from the death and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee released additional forensic material.  The autopsy report that a judge ruled to have released brought to light some answers that… Read More ›

NBA: Not Bad at All

The National Basketball Association crowned a new champion Sunday night.  The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic 99 – 86, in game five of the NBA Finals, to seal the 15th championship for the franchise.  It was fun while it lasted and really made it the point to the exclamation of this year’s playoff excitement. … Read More ›

Who Killed Bill?

Actor David Carradine was found dead in a hotel in Tailand last Wednesday.  His death has yet to be fully explained but many believe it to be accidental, some others say it was suicide, but there is still that claim out there that says it could have been murder.  In any event the manner in… Read More ›


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