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Month: July 2009

The Pink Elephant “Called” 911

No, I am not calling the nice lady who noticed a disturbance at a neighbor’s house a pink elephant, but it’s that pink elephant that has us all talking sparking up much debate over the last coupleweeks that has landed on the steps and into the White House.  It’s likely at the root of the Gates/Crowley story… Read More ›

A Presidential Double Take?

A picture is worth a thousand words…you have to see it to believe it…if it’s hard to believe, watch…Well if we are to take what we saw in a picture taken at the G8 conference in Italy, then I guess we have to say that President Obama was caught checking out the rear-end of a… Read More ›

And In Our Post Michael Jackson Death Coverage…

So here we are, two weeks removed from the untimely death of one of the greatest musical acts of all time, and he is probably getting as much media attention as he would if he was still alive, seeing that his “This is it” tour was to kick off around this time.  But the “King… Read More ›

No More Sarah Palin?

We could only wish.  But as for ‘No More Sarah Palin’ as governor of the state of Alaska, our wish has come true.  Sarah Palin made a surprise announcement today that she will be stepping down as the governor of Alaska at the end of this month.  She made a brief statement and took no… Read More ›


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