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Month: August 2012

Jaguars are All In

Good Luck All-In!

The Jacksonville Jaguars are “All-In”, according to their 2012 season marketing campaign. It’s not uncommon for professional sports teams to rev-up the fan base with various promotions, ticket offers and pep rallies, all the while showing off the new athletic product on the playing field. Last year the Jaguars finished with a disappointing 5 –… Read More ›

Tropical Storm Isaac

Isaac and Mitt Make Friends

Tropical Storm Isaac has formed in the Caribbean and is on a direct path to barrel over anything in its way. The storm is threatening immanent hurricane status within the next couple days and the usual suspects, as far as hurricane alley is concerned, will be hit first. Hispanola and Cuba will see the effects… Read More ›

Pussy Riot

Pussy Rioting

A Russian rock band has found themselves in hot water. Not just hot water, but they found themselves in jail. Members of the band known as Pussy Riot were recently sentenced to prison for a charge known as hooliganism. In February, the feminist and politically active rock group performed an impromptu show at a Russian… Read More ›

Saggy pants

The Cost of Being Fashionable

Everyone likes being fashionable in some way or another. But as we know, today’s fashion could be quite costly. Expensive designers, fragrances, brand names…it all adds up. Well fortunately, these days, we can get away with a fashion statement with absolutely no cost at all! Saggy pants has been with pop culture since the early… Read More ›

LGBT flag

A New Civil Rights Movement?

A certain group of people are involved in a heated debate where the public are now taking sides. But what’s more disturbing, in some respects this group is being treated differently than others. That’s the textbook definition of discrimination, which in the United States, is highly frowned upon to say the least, but it’s also… Read More ›


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