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Month: October 2012

Colin Small

The Face of Fraud?

A 23-year-old is becoming the newest face of voter fraud in America. Collin Small, was arrested last week and charged with several counts involving voter fraud after he was caught throwing away voter registration forms in Virginia. Wednesday, Virginia’s State Board of Elections has asked the state’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate the case… Read More ›

Bad News Brown

A Mean Mother@#%$ and He’s Super Bad

This is dedicated to one of the meanest, baddest and best athletes to grace the sports and entertainment world. The professional wrestler known as Bad News Brown made waves in professional wrestling but had an impact on the sports world long before then. October 22 would be his 69th birthday, Allen Coage was made famous… Read More ›

President Obama and Mitt Romney meet in second 2012 presidential debate

Who Won? Who Lost? Who Cares?

Tuesday we had our second presidential debate of the 2012 general election. The Republican candidate Mitt Romney took on the incumbent President Barack Obama. The first debate, from two weeks ago, had all sorts of mixed reviews, but the bulk of them had Mitt Romney looking good and the president not as much. All week… Read More ›

Felix Baumgartner jumps from space

The Feat of a Fall

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner defied natural human ability and experience Sunday afternoon by jumping from space above Earth to free fall all the way back to ground. The incredible stunt to attempt to break a skydiving record took place early Sunday afternoon. Baumgartner took off in a helium balloon and flew close to 25 miles… Read More ›

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Politics and a Terrorist Victim

As I return from Arlington National Cemetery visiting the gravesite of my brother CheroneĀ Gunn and his shipmates who were killed on board the USS Cole 12 years ago on this date, I reflect on a lot of what has transpired over the course of the past day, week and month. Yes, today a lot of… Read More ›


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