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Month: December 2012

Shore Enough

A staple in reality television has come to an end. MTV’s Jersey Shore aired its final show Thursday night. While becoming the network’s most viewed show in its history, the series has also found it’s share of criticism. Whether it’s the ratings, the criticism, or the publicity, the Jersey Shore has definitely made an impact beyond MTV. The… Read More ›

Connecticut School Shooting

Children Killed in Connecticut

Twenty children shot and killed, along with six adults who are also dead, after a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Connecticut Friday morning. Just to reiterate, 20 children were killed. Information is still being developed several hours after the first shots were fired. What can be confirmed is the name of the shooter who… Read More ›

The Hobbit

The Hobbled Hobbit

Millions will be running out Thursday night and all weekend to catch the midnight showing of The Hobbit. I will not be one of them. The highly produced, much anticipated series prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy is not holding my fancy as a must watch movie of the holiday season. Not because there… Read More ›

Congress on fiscal cliff talks

Fiscal Cliff for Dummies

If you’ve been paying attention to political and financial news since the election, much of what you’ve been watching has been dominated by talks of the Fiscal Cliff. But for those of us who are not paying close attention, and even some of us who are paying very close attention, it’s still pretty difficult to… Read More ›

USS Enterprise

Enterprise…And Boldly It Went

An American legend is being put to rest this weekend. A legend that goes by the name many of us are familiar with, Enterprise. The United States Navy has scheduled the inactivation for the USS Enterprise for December 1, 2012 with it’s official decommissioning to come within the next couple months. Hundreds will be on hand… Read More ›


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