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Someone’s upset: Cantor defeated in Primary

June 10, 2014

The House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has been upset in Virginia’s Republican primary. Results are still coming in, but several agencies are reporting that the political newcomer, economics professor Dave Brat went up against Cantor Tuesday in the 7th District Republican primary and pulled out the impossible. Brat, a Tea Party backed challenger, was considered… Read More ›

Americans killed by drone strikes? Don’t worry, they’re terrorist.

The United States government has acknowledged that four Americans were killed by counterterrorism drone strikes since 2009. The announcement was made in a letter written by Attorney General Eric Holder to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy.┬áIn the letter, Holder stated that only one of the four was specifically targeted, but the administration were fully… Read More ›

IRS taxed

The Internal Revenue Service is feeling the heat after admitting that they unfairly targeted some conservative groups when applying for federal tax-exempt status. The political profiling primarily leveled at the Tea Party, is now seeing its share of investigations, congressional hearings and full-blown scandal in just a few days of being publicized. Wednesday, President Obama… Read More ›

Congress on fiscal cliff talks

Fiscal Cliff for Dummies

If you’ve been paying attention to political and financial news since the election, much of what you’ve been watching has been dominated by talks of the Fiscal Cliff. But for those of us who are not paying close attention, and even some of us who are paying very close attention, it’s still pretty difficult to… Read More ›

Colin Small

The Face of Fraud?

A 23-year-old is becoming the newest face of voter fraud in America. Collin Small, was arrested last week and charged with several counts involving voter fraud after he was caught throwing away voter registration forms in Virginia. Wednesday, Virginia’s State Board of Elections has asked the state’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate the case… Read More ›


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