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Full moon on Friday the 13th

June 12, 2014

Tomorrow, June 13, 2014 marks one of the most extraordinary days in recent history. No, there’s no special events involving celebrities, no holidays or breakthrough in technology. June 13, 2014 (officially at 12:11 a.m. tonight!) will place two of the most unpopular days of our calender on the same day. It’ll be a full moon… Read More ›

Steve Seagal taking on terrorist…in real life

Steven Seagal is facilitating a meeting between U.S. delegates and Russian nationals to help investigate the bombing at a national sporting event in Boston. No, that isn’t a tagline from the actor’s most recent movie, but a real-life headline.┬áThe famed martial artist and action movie star is said to have “opened doors” to set up… Read More ›

The Mysterious Thong Cape Scooter Man

Roaming the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, evil-doers beware. There’s a mysterious caped crusader lurking in broad daylight. Scum need not to be shaking in their boots, for the only people who this beacon of goodness instills fear into are the completely normal, sane and apparently little school children. Last week, just as a group of… Read More ›

Colonial Cannibals

It was proven and confirmed on Wednesday that the early settlers of Colonial America resulted to cannibalism as a way to help their survival. Forensic evidence found from an excavation site at Jamestown, Virginia, where human remains were found in a trash deposit, proves what was only talked about in a few written accounts. Just… Read More ›

The United States of America

Not So United States of America

Here, in the later part of the year in 2012, the United States of America is again fielding the topic of mass states’ secession. People all across the country have signed petitions to have nearly 40 states secede from the Union. The petitions have been officially filed with the United States government and some have… Read More ›


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